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 Platinum Airways Management Team and Mission Statement

Stijn De Preter

Platinum Airways was established by a group of virtual pilots in November 2009 with one central aim: to ensure that flying remains fun. Several years later, we are proud of our achievements. Over 100 active pilots agree that a virtual airline should remain a hobby and should have as few do’s and don’ts as possible. As we trust our pilots are interested in having a great time by flying, we don't require you to fly missions through IVAO, VATSIM or any other external network although you may if you want to. After all, you'd only fool yourself when cheating with completed flights. Online flying with Platinum Airways is optional, and will never be mandatory. We remain an offline VA by default.

Platinum Airways is probably the first virtual airline to liberate the airways by adopting the Open Skies policy and thus empowering our pilots to fly any mission of their choice with the aircraft of their choice at the time of their choice, without prior approval. Our hub flights are not based on real life schedules anyway, but aim at taking you to places which you may never have visited before. Most airports have ILS, but you will find the odd difficult approach here and there - that only adds to the fun. 

Within our limited rules, you decide which mission you will fly at the time that suits you best. When you have an idea about a great mission, feel free to introduce it to other Platinum Airways pilots in our forum, and they may even add some more fun to it. We try to keep it simple and still give you the feeling that you are flying for an airline and not the other way around. The people who are running it, like to fly also. Some of our older members go back to the days when FS was still on a 5 ¼ floppy.  

If you want to fly missions off our list, fine. Visit our Hub pages and download the Flight Schedules. If you rather want to create your own missions, also fine: we have compiled a list of all global airports with an ICAO code, but all identifiable airports go. It consists of two Excel spreadsheets: one for airports with a runway between 5,000 and 7,500 ft and a second list with runways of 7,600 ft and more. If you don't have MS Excel, you may download a free viewer here. Alternatively, you may download OpenOffice, a free office suite that is compatible with MS Office programs, here. Corrections to the sheets can be reported to management. In addition, this site offers an excellent overview of these airports.

Platinum Airways welcomes any suggestions from its members. Flights, aircraft, disciplines (Bush, turboprops): if you have ideas, we'd love to hear from you, and we'll go ahead with them if we have the time and capacity to design and implement them. The only thing you should not ask us, is to make Platinum Airways move away from its virtual aim.

There is a reason for having selected a .org domain name, and not a .com. We don't believe that virtual shares, aircraft purchase financing and the like will increase the fun factor in our airline.



Alwyn Nel
Chief Executive
Vic Ayres
Honorary COO

Chuck Tannehill
Chief Operating Officer

Roy Handley
Chief of Military & Cargo Operations
Barry George
Barry George
Chief of Staff
Bob Griffen
Bob Griffin
Administration Manager
RK Mayhua
Richard Karl Mayhua
Web Developer






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