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Platinum Airways Management Team

Chuck Tannehill

Mission Statement

Platinum Airways was established by a group of virtual pilots in November 2009 with one central aim: to ensure that flying remains fun. Several years later, we are proud of our achievements. Some 200 active pilots agree that a virtual airline should remain a hobby and should have as few do’s and don’ts as possible. As we trust our pilots are interested in having a great time by flying, we don't require you to fly missions through IVAO, VATSIM or any other external network although you may if you want to. After all, you'd only fool yourself when cheating with completed flights. Online flying with Platinum Airways is optional, and will never be mandatory. We remain an offline VA by default.

Platinum Airways is probably the first virtual airline to liberate the airways by adopting the Open Skies policy and thus empowering our pilots to fly any mission of their choice with the aircraft of their choice at the time of their choice, without prior approval. Our hub flights are not based on real life schedules anyway, but aim at taking you to places which you may never have visited before. Most airports have ILS, but you will find the odd difficult approach here and there - that only adds to the fun. 

Within our limited rules, you decide which mission you will fly at the time that suits you best. When you have an idea about a great mission, feel free to introduce it to other Platinum Airways pilots in our forum, and they may even add some more fun to it. We try to keep it simple and still give you the feeling that you are flying for an airline and not the other way around. The people who are running it, like to fly also. Some of our older members go back to the days when FS was still on a 5¼ floppy.  

Platinum Airways welcomes any suggestions from its members. Flights, aircraft, disciplines: if you have ideas, we'd love to hear from you, and we'll go ahead with them if we have the time and capacity to design and implement them. The only thing you should not ask us, is to make Platinum Airways move away from its virtual aim.

There is a reason for having selected a .org domain name, and not a .com. We don't believe that virtual shares, aircraft purchase financing and the like will increase the fun factor in our airline.



Barry George
Chief Executive
Andrew Haas
Chief of Staff
Jochen Schreeck
Chief Operations
Bob Griffin
Administration Manager
Stijn DePreter
Honorary Chairman
Alwyn Nel
Vice Chairman






PIREP System

PIREP System

Q: Do I need to download your PIREP app and install it on my computer?

A: The answer is no. We use a web based system - no additional software is needed.

PIREP System

Platinum Airways employs a manual PIREP system only. We do not, and will not, use any type of automated system. We trust our pilots. We're not interested in the detailed route you fly. We're not interested in your approach and landing. We're not interested in even times. We're only concerned with:

- Mission Type (Regular, Freight, Military, or Vintage Military)

We do have limits on flight time, although they are not hard-and-fast limits. Generally speaking, flight time is limited to approximately 15 hours per day. If you are flying a multi-leg mission and your planned route (including enroute stops) will cause you to exceed 15 hours, you will need to stop somewhere enroute and continue the flight on the following day. You MAY, however, claim more than 15 hours if you are flying a nonstop flight that exceeds 15 hours, provided you have not previously filed a PIREP within the 24 preceeding hours. Under no circumstances can you claim more than 24 hours of flight time in a single day without prior permission from one of the management team members (for example, a B-52 mission from KBAD to bomb an airfield in Iraq and return to KBAD must be approved before you can claim the flight time).

Speaking of flight time, we do allow time compression. We don't require you to sit in front of your computer for a long haul flight. If you use time compression you may claim the entire simulated time in your PIREP. We do recognize that everyone has a life outside the flight simulator.

When you submit your PIREP it will be reviewed by one of the management team members We will look at all of the information provided. We make sure the flight time is appropriate for the aircraft flown and the distance flown. If something doesn't look right we will contact you for additional information or exceptionally drop it. For example, if you file a PIREP for 8 hours, flying a 30 mile route in a Cessna 172, we will ask about it. Once we review your PIREP and are satisfied that everything looks correct we will approve your report. After a manager approves your PIREP it will show up on your profile page.

A screenshot of our PIREP filing system below.


Open Skies Concept

Open Skies Concept

Platinum Airways is the true Open Skies virtual airline. You, the virtual pilot, are in control of every aspect of your flight.

You can fly any aircraft of your choice, from ultralight to heavy lifter, civil or military, fixed wing or rotorcraft - it's all up to you.

You can fly from any airport you choose and to any airport you choose.

You can fly any route you wish to fly, from short hop to long haul, touch and go, stop and go - it's all in your hands.

We may provide flight plans, fuel plans, weather briefings, etc. However, you are in full control of your flight. And when we do provide flight plans, they are not compulsory. The flight schedules for our hubs are an example of this exception.

There are a few exceptions to this policy:

- If you are flying a military mission, you must fly from the airfield provided in the mission briefing to the airfield provided in the mission briefing, including enroute airfields. You must also fly the suggested aircraft or an aircraft of comparable capabilities. For example, you can't fly an F-16 for a heavy airlift mission.

- If you are flying a cargo mission, you must start and end each leg as stated in the mission briefing and must stop at all listed enroute locations.

- Destination of the Week (DOTW) missions must end at the airport indicated in the DOTW page. You may start your flight from the airport of your choice, although DOTW exceptionally may state a fixed route.

By placing all flight planning and execution on our pilots, Platinum Airways opens the virtual skies for our pilots to enjoy flight simulation.

Military & Cargo

Military and Cargo Operations

Platinum Airways maintains a large library of military and cargo missions for our virtual pilots. These are all based on historical or contemporary operations. They are, however, adapted for modern flight simulator use.

Each mission provides departure points, destinations, specific enroute airfields at which you must land or overfly. There is a brief history of the mission and suggested aircraft. Suggested aircraft are just that - suggestions. You can replace them with aircraft having similar capabilities. For example, you can use a C-17 if the mission calls for a C-141, but you can't use it if the mission calls for a fighter or bomber. You can use a small General Aviation aircraft (such as the Piper Cub) in place of a WWII fighter, but you can't use a modern jet fighter for the same mission. We try to keep these missions as realistic as possible within the limitations of the flight simulator environment.

A screenshot sample of our missions below.

Mil missions

Our pilots earn ribbons for missions completed.


Special Missions

What constitutes a Special Mission?

For Platinum Airways, special missions are those that are either seasonal, such as sporting events, or time-critical, such as humanitarian missions.

Fly your favorite team to an event abroad, or simply fly your friends to an event to watch the game. Virtually, that is ...

Our Special Missions also include an Around the World option. Fly around the world in an aircraft of your choise. Plan your own route. On completion you will qualify for a special award.

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Special Missions